Thursday, 19 April 2007

Apparently I am very slack

One of the comments on my last post indicates that I haven't posted for a slack you may say and oh so here goes....just for you and you know who you are.....

Its been a very strange need to comment on the Virginia Tech tragedy, no doubt others can do that better than I can. I will leave it except to say that you never know when your time on this earth is over, and therefore until that time, it is worth living life to the full. No regrets, no turning back. Approach your goals with a zest for life. Whenever you feel sad, imagine that this was your last day on this planet. Would you really want to spend it being sad???

One of my team at work lost his Mum this week. Shortly before he found out that he had to go and see his Mum before she died, he was helping me out. I had locked my keys in my car (AGAIN, for the 3rd time in 4 weeks) and I had asked GT if he knew how to get into the car, not because I thought he was a crim, but because he is a man of the world and might know. Apparently he didn't, but still he came out with me to gave a crack.

Those of you who know Melbourne will realise that my work location, Sunshine, isn't exactly the classiest suburb in the city and not surprisingly, in our best efforts to get into the car, we had several passing locals give us plenty of advice on what to do, what not to do and the best ways to do it quickly. I was left thinking, how safe is my car here anyway!!!!, but thanked them for their advice....eventually, GT got in and I got my keys.....I think he was more impressed than I was with himself...shortly after, he got a call from his brother in law and 10 minutes later he left the office.

The Funeral is tomorrow and I'm ging to represent my team and the organisation. I know what he is going through, I lost my Mum two years ago but unlike him, I never got to say goodbye face to face as she was in England and I was here in Australia. So GT, my thoughts are with you.

I was elected President of my kids Little Aths centre last night, so I can now officially be called....Mr President....anyone wishing to sing "Happy Birthday Mr President" should leave an application on the comments area!!!!!!

And the best news of all.....I found out tonight my Psych essay isn't due until next Thursday rather than next Tuesday like I thought.....woo hoo...two extra days to get it completed.....oh joy of joys......


fifi said...

Life and death and the whole shebang are constant puzzles. WE think we know it all, and then learn we know nothing.

Thank you for your comment.

I am still baffled by the trental/sperm thing.

LisaB said...

Hey there :) You know it's never too late to say goodbye to can still say what you need to say... (though I understand your sentiments).

I simply canNOT believe you locked your keys in the car AGAIN! LOL.
Mr Trental...Man of Dementia.

Will be thinking of you and GT today...hope it isn't 'too close to home' for you.

Good luck finding your future Monica....or Hilary...whichever it is that you are interviewing for.