Friday, 27 April 2007

The Essay is done

My first essay of the Semester is complete....and boy was it a struggle. Racism in children Under 5....not the most interesting subject, but definitely thought provoking and quite an eye opener...2000 words later and I am an expert......200 ish anyway...and it was handed in yesterday so hopefully I get a good mark

Wednesday was ANZAC Day here is Australia...personally, I hate the day, as I hate Remembrance Day, because it just makes me sad to have to remember the utter waste of life that occurred during war...don't get me wrong, I understand the need for war and that in the 1st World War and 2nd World War, there was a need to defeat the Germans, but the more I find out about gallipoli and some of the battles of World War 1, the more I wonder about things...I really hope sometimes that reincarnation happens because to have one chance of life and have it wasted on a beach in Turkey is such a nightmare thought....2 years ago I was in England on ANZAC Day and saw a documentary that really brought alot of meaning to me about the Gallipoli campaign and its effects 29 years later on really is a fascinating story, the cock ups and disasters and the original plans and even the reasons behind the Turkish campaign....there are many myths and misrepresentations, to learn the real stoy is an eye opener...

On a more happy note.....Daughter #2, S, ran in her District Cross Country today and she finished 4th and advances to for those of you who don't understand Primary School Sports (and I've had 4 years of this and only just got it), your Age Group is the age you are on your birthday inthat year...makes sense????? I thought not...D1 turns 12 this year so she is a "12"...D2 turned 9 inJanuary so she is a "9" "9's" don't technically have an event but they can run as "10s"...last year she was an "8" and made it to District and finished 21st (out of the 2 Districts running)...this year as a "9" she finished year, she will be a "10" and will run at the same, now she's off to Zones which will mean she's running against kids from the North and Western about 4 weeks time...she was very proud of herself... I love her for her spirit and guts and determination....

Have a great weekend


fifi said...

well, mr trental man, now we have the bodily fluid issue sorted out. At leasy you aren't some sort of serial donor.
Whatever the case, you appear to have made some nice small people.
As have I, for that matter, but mine are more aquatic than landbased. Roughly the same size as your'n but not usually placed in running events.
The paper you wrote sounds very interesting.
Racism in the under fives, curious. I guess it all depend on what mixture constitutes their world as to whether they view others as "others"...mmm
raving now.
Back to the day!
All sporting events cancelled!!! yay!!!!

LisaB said...

Mr Trental,
blog blog blog blog blog
“We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it.”
Sir Robert Baden-Powell
(British Army Officer, founder of the Boy Scouts, 1857-1941)