Friday, 6 April 2007

Good afternoon and welcome to Good Friday - A question for the masses

Well, thanks for taking the time to drop on by and read the musings of Mr Trental (but you can call me Trentalman, just because I'm not pretentious). Some of you may wonder why Mr Trental? Well, those of you who now find this site through some google activity will no doubt already know a little about the medication....essentially, I got prescribed Trental to assist with blood thinning and de-fibroisation (if thats a word) of the blood.....but more of that later on, and if you are worried about me having some freaky communicable disease (other than being male)that will manage to wend its way through cyperspace, you'll be happy to know that I practise safe there!!!!!!

So back to that later.....

Today is Good Friday, holiest time of the year for most Christians, and good luck to you if thats your thing, and a Public holiday to the rest of thing thats always puzzled me, well, since last Tuesday morning, was the differences between Christian Easter and Orthodox Easter. This year, it happens to fall on the same weekend, but mostly it doesn't, so, knowing a few Greeks and Christians at work and being the inquisitive and nosey so and so I am, I have been asking all week why the difference...and surprisingly, I get the same answer....

Its something to do with the differences in calenders (Gregorian vs Julian) and something to do with the Moon and past that no-one seems to know.

I even asked my Jewish friend Judy (who knows everything) and she didn't know but then she was busy in the middle of her own religious occasion, Passover, causing her to have to decline the invitation to partake in Hot Cross Buns yesterday (apparently its a bread thing at Passover time).

So here I am still puzzled....and looking for answers.....HELP......please...anyone....cos I won't sleep tonight unless I find out!!!!!!

Talk later


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