Wednesday, 30 May 2007

At long last a Post Part 1

Helloooooo everybody

Apologies for not posting but I hope you'll understand that things have been slightly difficult here goes, a Trentalman update

Today, I handed in my Lab Report for was on racism and worth 50% of my marks....I finished itoff at 2.45am this morning.....but its done now so hat goos

Tuesday night I had to hand in a journal of article research for Developmental Psych...2 weeks previous it was a presentation...are you beginning to get the

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Massive Apologies

Life seems to have taken over the Blogging skills so I apologise...huge amounts of study, lots of work and limited social time.....I have a Lab Report due next week and last week did my presentation....alls good though so hope you are all well...please leave a message if you have anything interesting to say....UNLIKE ME lol.....

Oh btw...Go Hawks

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Trentalman returns

Alas, the forces of evil and Archnemesis, Mr CSA, thought they had got rid of Trentalman, but here he is today, at last. All Hail Mr Trental......

Things have been rather busy this past week or so, hence no posts, but I have endeavoured to get something up and running and indeed, I want to shut up that annoying beep on my PDA which reminds me that I need to update my Blog....the nature of technology, eh, there to assist us with our lives, but spot on in annoying the living crap out of us.

I met this really nice girl yesterday...B, she is in the mothers group of L, who is turning into one of my best friends after all our issues, the mother of D3....she seemed friendly and was actually quite attractive, and very talkative and I felt very much as ease with her, which is unusual for me...very very unusual....I hope I get to see her again and who knows from there....

Work is work, all cars and phone and money...oh, yes, I'm a Finance manager, thats what its new car comes soon, I'm salary packaging a Mazda 3 through work and it should be ready good do I feel...Mr Trental has his own Trentalmobile.......a slightly more upmarket goggomobile.....(G oooooooooooooo, g g oooooooooooooooooooo, not the darrrrrr)...charcoal grey and a manual sedan, DSC, satellite navigation, in case I get lost in the Southern Ocean (left at the next whale, straight for 1500kms, then a sharp right at the small island) and all the mod cons of a new car....woo hooooo....lucky me......

Talk soon, maybe when I get the car.......yeah baby......