Thursday, 7 June 2007

Little Aths - Fun Family and fitness

Monday night I went to our Regions Little Aths meeting. As I am the Pres of the Little Aths Centre, I thought I should put in an appearance.

Well, its like an old mothers meeting.....only 20 times worse.

There's Mrs G...the President...Josef Stalin has nothing on her....

There's Mr R...The Chief of Officials, as long as the officials each carry a can of VB

There's Mrs S...Wife of Mr R, Comp Director....and Chief of Officials cos Mr R can't hold down the job and 2 slabs of VB atthe same time

The problem is twofold with this bunch....

Firstly, They have done this for so long and done it the same way for so long that they think there is only one way and get cut if you suggest anything different

Second, because its a old mums club and very clique no-one wants to get involved to try and change lets wait and see....Mrs K fromour Centre is going to be Secretary and Mr D is going to be a general Committee member....thats a start, we'll see what we can organise for next season....

And btw, this is suppossed to be FUN FAMILY AND an example, the Pres of DV mentioned that maybe because of heat they should look at running the longer distances at night...a reasonable suggestion...but shot down cos it was just....well, just too sensible really....

So, stay tuned for further developments...and btw, my Centre's committee are great if you should to meet anyof them

Mr T (The P)

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